What is Premature Ejaculation and is there any Top Sexologist near me, I live in Faridabad, Haryana?

Ejaculation is commonly explained as the act of ejecting semen from the male body and its a problem which can lead to complications during reproduction. The main causes of the issue are distress, anxiety, depression, tension and embarrassment.

We have the best team of highly qualified and experienced doctors who are specialized in diagnosis & treatment of various male & female sex problems, Diseases, Counseling & Treatments.

We have top Sexologist in our Clinic who will interact with you and ask a few questions in order to find out the root of your problem. Its also seen in a lot of cases that Premature Ejaculation is a result of erectile dysfunction. Our mission is to provide quality and highest standards of counseling and treatment to all suffering from sexual problems.

In case you are suffering from premature ejaculation the please feel free to call the No.1 Sexologist and Sex Clinic in Faridabad – Shiv Clinic. Your Sex doctor is just a call way.

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